Who runs Locals Tompkins?

Local Tompkins is currently run by Emerald Stream Marketing and Design (emeraldstreamdesign.com).

Do you personally recommend the businesses, non-profits, and individuals listed on Locals Tompkins?

Unless stated otherwise, we make no claims about the goods and services offered by those listed on Locals Tompkins other than that they claim to be locally owned and, if they have a physical address listed where they can be visited, this address appears to be correct.

How do we fund the site?

We appreciate any suggestions here. Currently, we are relying upon sales of our websites and other marketing and design services to support both us and this site.

How can I help?

You can contact us if you own or know of a local business or nonprofit that isn’t listed or if the information on one of the listings is no longer current. In addition, we welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve the site.

What does verified of date mean?

It means as of the date of verification we have verified:

  • The business is active
  • The owner is local (or at least claims to be local and we have no reason to believe otherwise)
  • The links on the listing are working

Getting listed

Do I have to pay to be listed?

No, it’s totally free to get listed, and we will never charge you just to be listed.

Am I eligible to be listed?

You are eligible to be listed, if you (the owner of the business) live in the Tompkins county and/or surrounding area and offer services/goods in Tompkins county or the non-profit you represent is nonpolitical and provides services within Tompkins County. We accept freelancers, nonprofits, and small businesses.

What do I have to do to be listed?

Fill out the form on the Add a listing page or email us at shannon@emeraldstreamdesign.com. If you have any problems or questions, you can also call us at (607)364-1730. Your listing is likely to be more effective if you can also provide an image and details about yourself (freelancer) or your business or nonprofit.

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